Our School


Lodge Group of Schools started as The Lodge Preparatory School and Kindergarten in 1953 to serve the educational needs of British expatriates' children in Kuching. It was housed at The Masonic Lodge, Batu Lintang, Kuching, then moved to The Sarawak Club, then to Pearse Road in 1969. It finally moved to its present site in Tabuan Jaya in 1984. English was the medium of instruction then.   

In 1985, in line with the Malaysian National Education Policy, the Bahasa Malaysia stream was introduced.

Today, Lodge Group of Schools operate under four entities:-
  • Lodge Kindergarten (Tadika Lodge T.1006)
  • Lodge Primary School (Sekolah Rendah Lodge SRS.1008)
  • Lodge Secondary School (Sekolah Menengah Lodge SMS.1020)
  • Lodge International School (Sekolah Antarabangsa Lodge SAS.1013) 

Our Philosophy, Vision & Mission

Every child, irrespective of race, religion and nationality, is a unique creation of God, having the potential to learn, to achieve and to excel. All children deserve respect, care and understanding as they are guided towards becoming persons of upright characters who respect and care for themselves and others. The school will strive to provide the ideal environment and opportunities necessary for the total development of its pupils.

A school of choice, engaging students in collaborative and creative learning to become responsible citizens.

Lodge School endeavours to provide a premium learning environment to educate students to achieve high standards of academic excellence, integrity, and leadership qualities.

Our Spirit


Good Character. Academic Excellence.

  • Attend school everyday, be in class on time and ready to learn
  • Maintain a neat appearance, adhering to school's dress code policy
  • Behave safely, considerately and responsibly
  • Take responsibility for our actions
  • Show respect at all times to teachers and school staff
  • Treat one another with dignity, respect and humility
  • Always putting in our best effort in everything we do  
The School

The BADGE of the SCHOOL is be a circle edged in blue bearing a white globe with the letters LPS in red at the centre. The globe rests on a black T-shaped stand. Above the globe is the name of the Association in Bahasa Malaysia and below it the School Motto "Learn, Persevere, Succeed". The background of the logo is white. The globe reflects the school's international community.

The letters PSL in red (short for Persatuan Sekolah Lodge) form the eternal flame or torch of learning which reflects the School Motto "Learn, Persevere, Succeed". The colours blue, red and white represent the enterprising spirit in which the School was started by some expatriate parents for their children in 1953 and which has since grown to establish itself as one of the prestigious schools in the State.

The School

Lodge School, our School
Our world with fun and gladness fill
Children of every colour, creed and race
Reach out in friendship
Building bridges of goodwill and peace
Building bridges of goodwill and peace
A better future, a better future
Together we make.

Lodge School, our school
Our world with play and lessons fill
Here we learn to be caring citizens
Loyal kind and true
Giving our best our all we pledge
Giving our best our all we pledge
A better future, a better future
Together we make.
The School

WE, THE STUDENTS OF LODGE SCHOOL, hereby pledge, at all times :
    • to honour and to serve God, our country and our school
    • to respect those in authority, our parents, teachers, elders and our peers
    • to abide by our school rules and the laws of our country
    • to do our best in our studies, games, activities and duties in the spirit of our school motto : Learn, Persevere, Succeed.