Director's Message

Are we out of the woods yet? Have we reached the end of the tunnel of the pandemic which had taken the world by surprise? We have not.

Are we going to stop and quit the lengthy journey? Quitting is never an option. Instead, this is the time and the moment that we should even be more vigilant and united in combating the unseen enemy.  Everyone has a part to play, from the school management, teachers, students, parents and the community. Since the reopening of the school until today under the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), much has been put into place to ensure the safety of our students. We should never become complacent and put our guard down. Continue to observe the safety measures at all time meticulously as they are the lifelines which will pull us out of this relentless mammoth health issue.

I also hope that despite the grating problem endured by the globe, Lodge will not lose focus on the core task and duty; which is the continuous effort of building young people of tomorrow with great excellence in all their undertakings; not only academically but also socially. 

Lodge students have never ceased to impress with the outstanding results obtained for A-Level by Lodge International School and IGCSE June examination by Lodge National Secondary School. Congratulations for a job well done and keep up the good work!

For the ones who are preparing for the upcoming major examinations, during this revision season; I would like to encourage you to give your utmost best so that you too will reap the success of your labour.  Use your time wisely, maximize your learning opportunities in class and at home and do not forget to take time to smell the roses. All the best to you!

Let us all work together to care for each other in the midst of this pandemic period.


Thank you

Su Hiong Ai
Lodge Group of Schools